Measures to Beat a Drug Test

There are several techniques you can use to cleanse the body of drug residue prior to a urine drug test - if you are fortunate enough to know the drug test is coming. There are also ways to mask the presence of particular drugs or make their presence legitimate. The methods depend on the kind of drug and how much time you have prior to taking the drug test. First we will cover cleansing techniques followed by masking and legitimizing drug presence.

General Cleansing to Prepare for a Drug Test

One common method of cleansing your body is to reduce the load on your kidneys. This reduces the normal waste processing load on the kidneys so they become more efficient at removing drug waste, thus allowing your kidneys to remove as much drug residue as possible in the time leading up to the drug test - reducing the odds of a positive.

While cleansing your body, do not consume any alcohol of any kind - including beer and wine. Do not eat fatty foods like red meat and butter, and avoid anything fried. Instead, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. As recommended in the everyday lifestyle section, drinking lots of cranberry juice (a least a half gallon a day) helps flush the drug residue from the body as well.

Drinking lots of water is very important prior to a drug test. The more water you drink, the more waste is released by the cells and expelled out of the body. This reduces the amount of residue in your urine when you take the drug test. Besides flushing the residue out of the body, it also dilutes the concentration of the residue that is still in your body. The lower the concentration of a drug you have in your urine, the better the odds of avoiding a positive drug test.

Fasting also helps cleanse the body of drugs and reduces the chance of a positive drug test. Consider fasting about once a week. Fasting means you don't eat all day but you drink plenty of liquids. At the end of the day eat a very light meal such as salad with vinaigrette dressing and perhaps some fresh fruit. Fasting causes you to burn fat cells, and we have already covered the importance of reducing body fat. Never fast on the day of the drug test, or the day before a drug test.

Drink several gallons of fluids every day prior to taking the drug test. As noted, water and fruit juice are the best, but you want to avoid drinking too much juice because it is high in calories and sugar. Lots of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice is a good choice. Remember to avoid salty, fatty, and fried foods, and do not consume alcohol. Taking some supplements can also be useful. Take 500-1000 mg of vitamin C every day. Also, a natural herb known as Golden Seal is considered an effective cleansing aid. It is found in most health food and drug stores. Be sure to get the Golden Seal root instead of just the herb. The root is much more effective than other parts of the plant. Take several capsules daily for as long as possible prior to taking a drug test.

When you sweat you also cleanse you body of impurities. Strenuous exercise that leads to intense sweating is an effective way to reduce drug residue, as well as reducing the number of fat cells that tend to hold the drug residue. Using a sauna as much as possible prior to the drug test is also effective. Too much time in a sauna can be dangerous, however, so do not stay in longer than you can stand it. Take a break for 10 minutes or so; take a dip in the pool or rinse off in the shower to cool your body down. Repeat this for three or four times. Stop exercising a day or two before the drug test to slow the release of drug residue into the system.

Drink plenty of fluids on the day of the drug test, and urinate as much as possible. Do not give the first mornings urine for the drug test sample, or even the second or third. The more you drink and urinate before giving the sample for drug testing, the more diluted it will be. Drinking lots of water and urinating frequently on the morning of the test is the most important activity for passing a drug test.

Another practice is to shut your kidneys down prior to urinating for the drug test sample. Kidney shut down is done by drinking vinegar at least two hours before the test. Drink two fluid ounces of vinegar for every 50 pounds of body weight. One way to drink the vinegar is to fill a shot glass which holds one ounce, and then quickly down the vinegar as you would a shot. Belch between shots or you might throw up. Any kind of vinegar will work, so you might find apple cider vinegar easier to drink. You can mix the vinegar with juice or water, or chase it with juice.

Passing a Urine Drug Test for Specific Drugs

Now that you know general cleansing methods, we will cover some specific drugs including how long they stay in your system and any particular cleansing techniques.

Amphetamines - It is rare to find prescription amphetamines for sale these days.

At one time they were common diet aids. The most common amphetamines found today are those made illegally such as crystal meth and ice. Fake amphetamines are also common, but they typically contain a mix of caffeine and phenylpropanolamine (PPA), the same ingredients as most over-the-counter diet pills. While these fakes may take on the appearance of old school amphetamines like black beauties, they are much less expensive, and they don't actually contain any illegal substances. So it is legal to possess and use these fakes without concerns about drug testing. Athletes undergoing performance enhancing drug tests, however, may have to be concerned about testing positive for these fake amphetamines.

If you have a prescription for amphetamines, then you do not have to be concerned about testing positive for them. Be sure to take your prescription with you to the drug test. Currently it can be quite difficult to get a prescription due to concerns over addiction and eating disorders. If you cannot obtain a prescription, then the best thing to do is stop taking them at least one month before the drug test, combined with drinking plenty of fluids. If you do not have the opportunity to stop taking them one month before the test, then follow the general cleansing methods including the kidney shut down on the day of the test.

Barbiturates - The common types of barbiturates are phenobarbital, amobarbital, and secobarbital (Seconal). Barbiturates can be difficult to detect with drug tests because they are made using malonic acid, which occurs naturally in apple juice as well as urea - a component of urine. Plus, barbiturates typically naturally dissipate from the body within seven days.

Like amphetamines, it is increasing difficult to get a prescription for barbiturates because of addition concerns, and because newer drugs treat ailments much more effectively. It is still prescribed for some conditions, and if you have a prescription you do not have to be concerned about a positive drug test. If you do not have a prescription, then stop using at least seven days prior to the drug test, and drink lots of fluids. If you have less than seven days, use the general cleansing method and kidney shut down on the day of the test.

Cocaine - This category also includes crack and freebase. Cocaine usually disappears from the system in about five days. Cocaine is always illegal - there are no legal prescriptions to explain a positive cocaine drug test. If you know you are going to be drug tested, stop using one to two weeks before the drug test just to be safe. If you have less than seven days, use the general cleansing method and kidney shut down on the day of the drug test.

Diazepam - The most common drugs in this category are the sedatives Librium and Valium. Valium is a commonly prescribed drug used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It should be relatively easy to get a prescription for Valium, which should eliminate the concern for testing positive for Diazepam. If you do not have a prescription, stop taking the drug at least a month to a month and a half before the drug test, and drink lots of fluids. If you have less than a month, use general cleansing and kidney shut down on the day of the drug test.

Hallucinogens - Common hallucinogens include LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and mescaline including peyote. While they all have different chemicals that produce the hallucinogenic effect, none of these drugs can be detected through a urine drug test. The quantity of drug taken to get high is so miniscule that even highly accurate drug tests cannot detect them. Hence, most labs do even test for hallucinogens.

Opiates - Opiates have legal forms like codeine, morphine, and Demerol, and illegal forms such as opium and heroin. Thai-stick is occasionally coated in opium oil, and can be considered an opiate.

Since they have legal forms, if you are using opiates you may be able to get a prescription for one of its legal forms. For example, tell your doctor a severe cough is causing you discomfort and ask for a cough syrup with codeine. Complain of tooth or back pain and you may get a pain reliever that contains codeine such as Tylenol 3. Having a prescription for some type of opiate will explain being positive for opiates on a drug test - which usually cannot distinguish between legal and illegal forms. If you do not have a prescription, then stop using about one month before the drug test and drink lots of fluids. If you only have one to three weeks then use general cleansing, fasting, and kidney shut down on the day of the drug test. If you have less than one week, then double the fluid intake and increase sauna and exercise time. If you only have a few days, then the only option will be to substitute clean urine (as discussed later in this section).

Phencyclidine (PCP) - PCP can remain in your system for months, even if you use it just one time. If there is any potential for a drug test, then do not use PCP. PCP, like cocaine, does not have any legal use and there is no way to possess or use it legally. If you have used PCP, then stop using several months before a potential drug test, use general cleansing, intense exercise, and kidney shut down on the day of the drug test. Otherwise your only option is to substitute clean urine (as discussed later in this section).

Quaaludes - Most labs no longer test for Quaaludes (methaqualone) because they have not been made since the early 1980s. While some circulated for a while after that, they are virtually nonexistent now. If you think you have taken illegally manufactured Quaaludes, they probably contain diazepam instead of methaqualone. Refer to the diazepam section for cleansing methods.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, hash, and Thai-sticks. Drug tests can detect THC in a chronic user who is overweight for as long as six months. On the other hand, a fit person who uses less frequently may pass a drug test the day after smoking. It takes the body a long time to break down THC, and as discussed earlier, since it is stored in body fat, reducing body fat to levels of a fit or athletic person is an important attribute in passing drug tests if you smoke marijuana.

While of acceptance of medical marijuana use is increasing, its effect on drug testing is unclear. A 2004 Supreme Court ruling states that employers do not have to consider a marijuana prescription as a reason to accept a positive drug test. Some states, however, are moving to protect those with marijuana prescriptions. As this issue is currently in flux and varies widely between states, you should become familiar with the statutes and regulations in your state.

If you are concerned about a positive THC drug test, always list ibuprofen when asked to name medications you are taking, and take several ibuprofens on the morning of the drug test. This can dodge positive results of EIA and RIA drug tests. There are also claims that adding a bit of table salt to the urine reduces the odds of a positive drug test. Dump about half the contents of a fast food salt packet into the sample, and then the remainder can easily be discarded.

To cleanse you body of THC, stop using two to four weeks prior to the drug test, and use general cleansing methods. If you have less than two weeks, use general cleansing and kidney shut down on the day of drug test.

Drug Testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs

Athletes are frequently required to pass drug tests, even at the high school level. While some substances used by athletes do not necessarily fit into the drug category - such as human growth hormones, most substances that artificially improve performance are prohibited.

Because of the money and fame frequently involved in athletics, athletic drug testing has become a vicious cycle of governing bodies and testing laboratories improving methods and technology, while athletes and trainers work to improve masking and evasion techniques. Here is a review of common performance enhancing techniques.

Blood Doping - Blood Doping involves removing a pint or two of blood about two months before an important competition, then separating and keeping the red blood cells. The athlete naturally replenishes the blood in the intervening time, and then just before the competition the red blood cells are re-injected. An amplified number of red cells improves performance because more red blood cells can carry more oxygen to cells - increasing energy and durability. Using the athlete's own blood decreases the risk of contamination.

There is currently no test that can detect blood doping - even blood tests. There is on-going research in this area, and a test may be developed in the next five to ten years.

Beta Blockers - Beta Blockers are used in competitions where being calm is an advantage. Imagine the advantage an NFL quarterback would have if he remained calm while four huge defensive linemen rushed toward him. Beta Blockers are detected by urine drug tests, and it is impossible to mask or conceal their use since they have to be taken just before the event in order to be effective.

Anabolic Steroids - This is the most common form of performance enhancing drug. Steroids increase muscle mass thereby improving strength and durability. All most all types of anabolic steroids are man made, and they are also easily detected in urine drug tests. Testosterone is the only type of naturally occurring steroid, which makes it more difficult to detect in drug testing.

New testing methods are being developed, however, where testosterone levels are compared to epitestosterone, another natural occurring hormone. If testosterone is abnormally high in relation to epitestosterone, then the athlete fails for illegally increasing testosterone levels. Some athletes are now trying to evade this approach by increasing both testosterone and epitestosterone levels. Now it will be up to regulating authorities and testing labs to develop a new test to check for artificially increased testosterone levels.

Since steroids are used and stored in muscles instead of fat, it is difficult to clean the system or mask detection. Some masking agents have been discovered and used by athletes. Most of these are now well-known, however, and testing bodies have made them illegal. Drug tests are done for masking agents as well as anabolic steroids. Sometimes steroids are prescribed to treat injuries, and in this case athletes are disqualified from participating for a predetermined amount of time.

The only way to escape detection of anabolic steroids is to stop using them for four to six weeks prior to a drug test. In most high level competition, however, drug testing begins weeks before an actual event or season. This means the athlete would have to stop using long enough before the competition as to make an advantage disappear. So much attention is now focused on this performance enhancer that anabolic steroid use is likely to become obsolete. If you have used steroids and will be drug tested, stop using four to six weeks prior to the drug test, and use general cleansing and intense exercise. If you have less than one month the only option is to substitute clean urine (covered later in this section).

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - HGH occurs naturally in everyone, which makes it difficult to detect in drug testing. HGH is produced by the pea-sized pituitary gland found at the base of the brain. Production is spiked during puberty, and the HGH level causes other glands to secret their associated hormones causing the body to grow.

Athletes can use HGH in very small doses to improve performance. Health care experts believe HGH is safer than anabolic steroids because of the small doses and because it occurs in the body naturally. HGS is much more expensive than anabolic steroids since it can only be acquired from its natural source. Since it occurs naturally, there is not a drug test to detect HGH. In the future, tests may be developed using genetics.

Using Surrogate Urine Samples for a Drug Test

Some may feel the only sure method of passing a urine drug test while using drugs is to substitute clean urine. A whole niche industry has risen around this technique. You can buy verified clean urine as well as equipment to help hide the clean urine and keep it near body temperature. Some even sell fake penises to discharge the fake urine so it will look like the urine is coming from your body if you are watched closely during the drug test.

While this technique has some risk, it is certainly worth trying if you know you are going to fail the drug test. If you are discovered, however, there is a good chance you will be considered a drug user and it will count as a failed drug test.

You can find information about clean urine products in drug culture and weight-lifting magazine ads as well as on line. You can also secure your own substitute urine and methods, but be sure your urine source is clean, free of STDs, and hopefully not pregnant.